Monday, March 29, 2010

More Treasures and More To Come?

We will soon be on our way to Vegas again. I am excited to see what the thrift scene in Nevada has to offer this time round. I am not in the market for anything in particular so it will definitely be fun to see where the thrift gods take me.

Until then, I have two more things to share,

I love this milk glass vase. I can see it filled with a dozen beautiful roses. I really like the look of milk glass but I never buy it because the thrift stores price it so high. I was completely in shock to find that this vase was only $2.95. It is a pretty big sized vase too. That's an extra bonus.


Sometimes I walk through a thrift store and I completely cannot believe the audacity of those that price the stuff. I am not a Rockefeller ya know. Then there are times that I feel like a highway robber who should have entered the store with a bandana across my face and a six shooter. I feel like they are paying me. This wood box was one of those times. I was wandering around the RAD Thrift Store and I saw it sitting on a table. I picked it up and could not even believe the price. $1.31!!! OMG! I did not even question whether I wanted it or not. It came home with me immediately.  I think it would be wonderful with little clay pots filled with herbs.  It would look cute sitting on my kitchen counter.

Hopefully, I will have some treasures to share from the Silver State. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
Happy Thrifting Everyone!!!


  1. They're both lovely, I know that feeling where you feel like you're almost stealing something it's so cheap, love it!

  2. Cool!!! It is the only milk glass I own. I want more!

  3. I really like the wooden tool box. I could use one of those to caddy my machanic tools over to the car. I always end up looking all over for stuff when I'm done wrenching! What a funny price too, $1.31? They were like, " a dollar is too cheap...lets get an additional .31 cents, yeah that's better!" LOL!