Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where In The World......

My sister and I were out and about on Sunday for a fact finding mission about remodeling my bathroom. After spending the afternoon looking at sinks, showers and lighting,we decided we wanted to do something fun so we went thrifting.

We first went to the Goodwill. Nothing!  Big Bummer!!! I then got the bright idea to go to the Goodwill Outlet. I have heard so many people talk about all the treasures that they have found there and I wanted to go and see for myself what all the hubbub was.

We entered the store. To be quite honest, it was kind of confusing. Some stuff was for auction and some wasn't. We walked around to see what was what and then we finally found someone to ask how it all worked. It was clear as mud. I Still quite don't get the concept but that's ok. We headed over to the bins and it was a madhouse. My sister and I stood back while people dug through the bins. We could see what was in there through their digging and we were really afraid that we would lose a finger. Haha... We didn't see much in there. Could be we were there too late. It was 3:30 after all.

We were ready to give up and go home when we came across several pallets with books. We kind of dug around not really too enthused. My sister found the back cover of an atlas. I was all disappointed because I thought it was cool and I wanted the whole thing. Well, a little more digging and lo and behold we found the inside of the atlas. The front cover is still at large.

.25 cents
This is a 1950 Rand McNally World Atlas.

I love the colors. I plan on taking the book apart and framing them. I have a lot of wall space in my hallway and I think it might look nice there. By the way, see all the black lines. My sister and I thought they were freeways or roads. After closer inspection, they are actually railroads. They label who they belong to such as Atchison-Topeka-Santa Fe, Southern Pacific and Union Pacific. I love this book!

Happy Thrifting Everyone!

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  1. I love old atlases and the great thing about finding one without a cover or falling to pieces is that you don't feel too guilty taking it apart!