Saturday, April 10, 2010


Well, we finally made it back from the great state of Nevada. We had a nice relaxing vacation in Las Vegas and ended the week in with two nights in Laughlin. When we go, my husband looks forward to playing keno and relaxing. I on the other hand, look forward to all the great thrift stores and all the potential treasures that might find a way home to California with me. This trip did not disappoint.

This go round,  I found a plethera of Pyrex.

Large refrigerator dish $3.50; Small refrigerator dish w/lid $1.50; Small refrigerator dish w/o lid $1.99; Small baking dish $3.50

I found the refrigerator dish without the lid at The Savers in Vegas. I love the turquoise color and I have never seen one out in the wild so I thought what the heck. Well I nearly squealed out loud when at The Salvation Army in Bullhead City, AZ. (across the river from Laughlin) I found a set of the same pattern with lids. There was an extra lid so I went ahead and picked it up too. I think the cashier just gave it to me because I couldn't find a charge for it. Woohoo!!!


I found this Pyrex carafe for $1.00 at the Deseret Thrift Store (Vegas). I couldn't believe that a: it was only a dollar and b: that it still had a lid and c: that no one else had snagged it. I grabbed it and hung on for dear life as I rushed it to the cash register. I plan on washing it (it wasn't washed in the pic, sorry) and using it for Crystal Light this summer.


Another bowl from Savers. Nothing spectacular I just liked the petite size.


Technically, this bowl isn't Pyerex. I think that it might be Fire King.

Here is the mark on the bottom. I will have to investigate and see what I can find out. If you have any idea what it is let me know. All I know is that it has a nice 50's vibe and you can't go wrong with that turquoise color.

I still have more awesome finds from my trip to share. Until then Happy Thrifting Everyone!


  1. Wow! That is a serious pyrex haul, and great prices!!! I really love the pattern in the first pieces, am yet to find any myself!

  2. The stamp on the bottom of the bowl (The F with the sheild around it) Is a bowl they also made heat proof dishes.

  3. The bowl with the F inside a shield was a product of Federal Glass. :)