Monday, March 7, 2011

Springtime Is Almost Here

I have recently have felt motivated to put a display up for spring and Easter. I am not sure what has overtaken me. It could be the need to see some beauty in my house or it could be all the wonderful blogs that I visit everyday that have marvelous displays for every holiday. I think the latter is responsible for recent need for decorations.

When I went to check out the new lower prices at the Goodwill, I found some really cute figurines that I will be cute for my Easter/Spring vignettes.

Ceramic Rabbits - .95 each
These two little rabbits are so cute. If you turn then to the other side they have a bow around the neck.

Bunny Planter - .95 cents
I plan on getting some clover at The Home Depot to fill his little pot.

Enesco Toothpick Holder - .55 cents
The only reason I think this is a toothpick holder is because there was a toothpick lodged down in it.

Yellow Bunny - .95 cents
Originally marked $1.95 by the folks at GW, he has a hole in the back to put cotton balls so it looks like he has a fluffy tail. I didn't have any cotton balls to demonstrate.

Yellow Duck - .25 cents

Happy Spring Flower - .55 cents

Duck Baby Planter - .95 cents
This the piece de resistance in my haul. This is the first baby planter I have ever purchased. I just want to sit and stare at it because it is so darling.

That is all for now. I really need a basket and some eggs. I gotta keep looking that's all. " )

Happy Thrifting Everyone!!!


  1. I had never even heard of 'baby planters' and now I've seen them on a couple of blogs this week. I'm loving the idea of yellow bunny with a cotton ball tail - very cute n' kitsch!

  2. I love the bunny planter! I also have a yellow bunny that is for storing cotton balls. They are so cute.