Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Goodwill Did What?!?!

I have long contended that the powers that be at our local Goodwills have been taking the long hit off of a large bong. The prices on most things were outrageous. Well, imagine my surprise while watching tv a commercial appears that touts new lower pricing at our local Goodwills that will last forever! What???? I knew that I had to make a trip and see what was going on and if for real they were going to lower the prices. Forever!

On Sunday I loaded up the boy and headed to the downtown location. I walked in and headed straight to the shoes (after all they were right by the entrance.) Low and behold, they had lowered the prices on shoes from $3.50 to $2.50. Not bad for stinky shoes that others feet have been in. After perusing the shoe area, no cute ones that would fit me were found. Bummer! I headed over to the kitchenware and knick knack section. No Pyrex was to be found but I did find some cute rabbits and a little duck that are going to make a cute Easter display. I will share these next post. Prices were extremely decent for Goodwill. The most I paid was .95 cents. Crazy I know!

After finding all goodies I could in that area I headed over to look at the clothes. I found the following:
Torrid Skirt $3.25

Torrid $3.25
Sorry the pic is so cruddy. Don't get me started on my most recent point and shoot camera. The skirt is white with green and yellow polka dots.

Notations Skirt - $3.25

Floral Camp Shirt - $2.25
I also bought a pair of pink capri pants for $2.50. They will go great with this shirt.

Apparently I can't wait for spring. Everything I bought has sherbert colors in them. I am going to where the black and yellow skirt today. Of course, I will have to winter it up since in is supposed to be in the high 50's today.

Overall I was impressed with Goodwill's attempt to listen to their customers and lower their prices. I am now more willing to buy more knowing that I will not have to take a second on my house to afford it.
 Kudos Goodwill!!!!

Happy Thrifting Everyone!!!


  1. Oh wow! I hope this tactic on pricing in being employed at my local Goodwill. Today is payday for me and I was gonna hit it up tonight after work! Does anyone know why Goodwill has some sort of sweetheart deal going on with Target? Why do they stock what appears to be Target returns & damaged goods?

  2. Probably it covers two bases. It lets them give back to the community and it gets rid of all the stuff that didn't sell .Plus they probably use it for a tax write off. I know the local Habitat for Humanity has a deal going on with Ikea. It is funny because we don't even have an Ikea. The nearest one is 2 hours away. No problem though. I got some cute stuff for my house. LOL

  3. I'm loving your blog Leslie!
    Thanks for stopping in at mine

    I've been a Goodwill shopper for years, and it started with me loving that they got a lot of Target returns and closeouts. When NBC's The Office first had a line of paper products (notepads, pens, etc) they cleranced out and then ended up at Goodwills across our Valley (LV) and I snatched them up for nothing and sold them like crazy on ebay. I was hooked at that point with Goodwill & EBay - and the Office of course!!

  4. That's great that your Goodwills have lowered their prices and looks like you got some good bargains. Our charity (thrift) shops in the UK - well at least in London where I am - have definitely got more expensive. A lot seem to know the value of anything 'vintage' as well, and price accordingly.

  5. Thanks Emelie! I love Las Vegas thrifts. Deseret and Goodwill are the best(I really like the GW on Sahara). I wish Savers wasn't so pricy because they have cute stuff. I like gambling so I still go there in hopes of finding something I can afford. LOL

    I bought a few things to try my hand at EBay. As soon as things die down around here I am going to get to listing. Hope it all works out well.

  6. Hi Lakota! Our local Goodwills were absolutely going berserk with their pricing. They were charging more for things than they were in the store. I like Wal Mart clothes and all but I really couldn't see paying $5 for a wore out t-shirt or pants.

    Someday I am making a trip over the pond and visiting England and France. I can only imagine what kind of cool things that you must find in your thrift stores.

  7. Great they lowered the price! Some charity shops near me have crazy pricing and they also have taken to checking everything on ebay which is a bummer if you want to get a real bargain, although I do manage to outsmart them and get some cool cheap stuff :o) Scarlett x