Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Peter Rabbit

Last week while tooling around Salvation Army I came across this:

Wedgwood Peter Rabbit Children's Place Setting

Normally, I would have admired this set but I would have left it there because I do not really have a need for a children's set of dishes. But this time was different. There is a teacher at school that is having a baby next month and I thought what a wonderful gift. I have never gifted anything thrift before so this will be new for me. I am sure it is all in the presentation so I plan to find a Peter Rabbit book and put this set in a basket with a blue and white striped sleeper I bought and some other goodies. I think this should be a hit.

Happy Thrifting Everyone!!!


  1. That is such a sweet set! And I am sure your they will love your gift.

  2. Oh i love it, I would have taken this home too, I def think it will be a hit. Scarlett x