Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Let's Talk Turkey

This last week was parent conferences at school. Because of said conferences, I had an early schedule at my early job. What did this mean? This meant that I had time to leisurely look at my favorite thrifts. Yay me!!!! And let me say, they didn't disappoint.

Melmac Turkey Platter - $3.98
I was at the RAD Thrift Store and seen this little beauty sitting on the floor. There were two ladies who gave me a dirty look because I am sure they were headed over to it next. I got there first ladies. You snooze you lose. Hah!!! The label on the back says Apollo Ware by Alexander Barna. I haven't investigated it yet but I probably will soon. It will definitely be put to use this Thanksgiving. I can taste the turkey now. " ) Yum!

If you have turkey you gotta have something to serve it on. Enter my next finds...

Franciscan Harvest Brown Wheat Plates - $1.91 ea. (3 total)

I was drawn to these plates by their gold color. I fell in love with the wheat pattern on front and knew I had to buy them when I seen the Franciscan stamp on the back. I E-Bayed them and found out that they are from 1953. I am currently considering buying the matching salad plates on E-Bay. We shall see.

Pier One Plates - $9.95 for set of 10 [lates

I bought this set of plates at the Goodwill. I have the serving bowl that matches this set. It came with 5 dinner plates and 5 salad plates. I can't wait to use them.

Happy Thrifting Everyone!!!

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