Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dressing On A Dime - The Wedding Crasher Addition

Today, I attended the wedding of my husband's niece.
Here is my husband and the bride. (Please excuse the fact that he is wearing a t-shirt and shorts. He had a gig tonight and he had to set up before the wedding and he didn't have time to change.)

Top - Merona (thrifted)
Skirt - Apt. 9 (thrifted)
Belt - (thrifted)
Shoes - Fioni (thrifted)

This outfit is entirely thrifted. I bought the black tank this week at the RAD Thrift Store. As you can see, it has little sequin dots all over the front. I went with the tan and gold shoes because the skirt has gold dots in the center of the flowers. You can't really see them in the picture. I decided to finish it off with bronzy gold belt.  I also had a gold bracelet and 2 black bead bracelets on my right wrist. I am not sure why I am hiding my arm.

Happy Thrifting Everyone!!!

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  1. don't you just love strutting around, knowing that you look fab and it cost a fraction of new?