Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Road Trip

Saturday was the first day of our 3 day weekend. My husband, as per usual, wanted to head out to the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. Seeing how everyone and their dog Chuck was headed to Vegas this Labor Day weekend and I really had no desire to be stuck in traffic for 5 plus hours,I set my foot down and said no. But as a consolation, I told my hubby that we could take a 45 minute drive up the mountain to the local Indian casino.

This appeased the cranky in my house.Woohoo!!! And since I been working like a dog fitting and altering my son's high school marching band uniforms all by my little lonesome, he decided that he would reward me and take me thrifting in good ole Porterville California.

We got on the internet and searched what was available. It showed 5 or 6 different places.We mapped out our path and away we went.

Our first stop was the Salvation Army. It was a nice store. There wasn't a whole lot to it. I did find a piece of Pyrex and a spool holder for my thread.

Spool Holder - $3.24
All of the people that worked there thought it was from a car dealership to hold keys.  I even had a lady who asked if I was sure I wanted it because she was a quilter and she could definitely use it. Yah, I am sure I wanted it. I sew and I have thread everywhere too!

Although my camera decided to photograph it in blue (grrrr....), this is actually a green piece of Pyrex. It is a nice size piece. In the words of Goldielocks, it is not too big or too small. It is just right. I may have to bake some brownies in it soon.  

My husband also bought a Quincy Jones cd. He needed to replace his old one that was horribly scratched up. It did make good road trippin' music. " )

That was the highlights from the trip. We tried to find the other places on the map and they were either closed on Saturdays or they didn't exist anymore. We did find one place that wasn't on our list but as soon as we entered, I had to get out of there. There were clothes piled up to the ceiling and there was basically a tunnel through the middle of the store. A fire trap for sure. This is kind of sad because they could have had something cool.

The day ended at Eagle Mountain Casino. I won $60 and my hubby won more than I did. I don't know exactly how much. He was my little Rockefeller.


  1. The Pyrex looks good either way, green or blue! :) Seriously, tho, I hate it when my camera decides to photograph in a different color too.

    Sounds like a nice weekend!

  2. OMG too funny, I'm from the central valley (transplanted to Seattle for now) and am going home next weekend for an extended visit. My mother just so happens to run my family's health food shop in Porterville! And I was totally planning on doing an epic thrifting day (or, well, you know, maybe a few days) while I'm there. Glad to know there are good things to be had in the area! :)