Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Greetings And Salutations

It is time to play catch up and say hi and welcome to some new friends here at The Theory of Thrifting.

Missouri Michael at Cul-De-Sac Shack.  He loves showing us all his mid-century finds, Pyrex included " )
Nogrinnin at The Blessing Wall  This blog is devoted to a graffittied wall where angels are put on display. Check it out!
The Thriftress Her motto is Big Dreams. Small Budget. She has some great finds and the way she revamps them makes me jealous. I wish I had that much patience and talent.
Bounty Huntress    Go check out her blog and see all the amazing things she finds. I am taking a road trip to Texas to see if I can find some of that good stuff too.
All That Glitters  She finds great treasure at yard sales at insane prices. $ 2.00 for a Coach purse? That would never happen in California. EVER!!!!
Koby's Cache If you want to see a beautiful collection of glassware, this is the blog to see. She is also a hero to our fine, feathered friends. She recently adopted a budgie from Erin at Toronto Yardsale Snoop that Erin rescued from her yard.
Last but not least, Creating Rachel and Karie Fairlamb are new followers. I couldn't find any blogs so if you have one please let me know so I can share.

Thanks for following my crazy ramblings and I promise to share some finds soon.


  1. Goody, some folks I haven't read yet! And don't give up on those Coach bags. I go to yard sales in the OC and more than once have picked up Coach for a couple of bucks. Doesn't happen often...but it happens!

  2. Not too many good thrift finds for me these days....pretty soon when the weather cools off, I am heading out and hitting some great garage sales.

  3. Hey, thanks so much for the shout-out - I don't know why you post never showed up in my blog reader. Guess I can't depend on that to alert me to all new posts, eh?

    And incidentally, all of the angels are thrifted.

    Thanks for posting. I enjoy your blog!