Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Calling All Detectives!

I am in need of some help from all my friends in blogland. I have acquired a piece of Pyrex that I cannot find any information on at all. I have looked at Pyrex Love , ebay and all over the web to no avail. It is driving me nuts!
Here it is.
It is a lid that goes with a divided casserole dish. It has a hot air balloon on it. I have considered that someone could have possibly took etching cream and put this balloon on themselves but I am not convinced that is the case. I know that Pyrex has a chip and dip set that had a hot air balloon motif so could it be possible that they had a promotional dish that had this lid? Hmmmm...... I wonder.
If it is genuine, I would like to know what the accompanying dish looks like.
Any info would be appreciated!

In other Pyrex news: I have three new pieces to share.

Divided Dish - $2.50

I know I need another divided dish like I need a whole in my head but I really like this pattern and I would really like to collect more of it.

Square baking pan - $2.98

Large lasagna pan - $3.98

I always go to the RAD thrift store. In all the times that I have been going there I have never seen this kind of Pyrex. I have seen the tired, old clear Pyrex but never any of the patterned stuff. I nearly fainted when I came upon these two pieces. This is the pattern that I am trying to collect. What are the chances? Apparently good! Haha.... It will join its brethren in the form of a medium cinderella dish and a small cinderella bowl and several pieces of Corelle.

Happy Thrifting Everyone!!!


  1. My homegirl Vonlipi will know this for sure. If she doesn't notice this post, leave a comment on her blog. She's super nice and REALLY knows her Pyrex.

  2. When I first got this lid, I did a post about it. Vonlipi responded and said she had never seen it before. I just thought I would post it again since I actually have followers now (What?!? I know crazy huh? LOL) to see if maybe someone somewhere might know what the heck it is. It is seriously driving me batty not knowing.

  3. I don't know the first thing about Pyrex! It is all pretty though, you might have yourself a real gem!

  4. Who knows. Maybe that lid is my road to financial freedom. Hahahaha.... Put that in your pipe Suze Orman and smoke it!

  5. OoHh Great finds I want to make some lasagna in that last one. =) hehe

  6. Wish I knew something about Pyrex but I do not.....cute though:) My link party is going on if you are interested and there very well may be someone out there that does.

  7. Well I don't know nearly enough about Pyrex, but you sure did get some great deals on it! It's so expensive here. I'm going to check out the rest of your blog and see all the other goodies you've found!

  8. Oh, I bet it belongs to the holy grail of PYREX, a super amazing, rainbow, primary colored hot air balloon printed dish!...just dreaming. Hope someone has an answer for you!

  9. Nice balloon dish, but those Spring Blossom pans were a smokin' deal!

  10. Hello Leslie,
    Please email me and I'll pass along the Pyrex Collective sign in info.
    All the best,