Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Sunday Dressing On A Dime

The boy and I ventured out of the house to do some grocery and thrift shopping this morning. We tried to get to the Goodwill but they didn't open until 11am. We were very bummed. We were trying to get all of our stuff done early so we wouldn't be out in the 90 degree plus Central California heat. This meant no thrift for us today. " (

My Outfit Du Jour:

Dress - Merona (thrifted)
Necklace - Target (highly clearanced)
Belt - thrifted
Bracelet - thrifted
Shoes - Target

My husband said I looked like a greek goddess. He is currently on meds so I took that into account. Haha... Just kidding! (kinda)
 This dress held up so nice in the heat. So nice in fact, I didn't realize it was 90+ degrees outside. For me, that is good. I need more dresses like that.


Well it is official, my followers list has ballooned into the double digits. What!?!?! I know way exciting. So with that being said I would like to say welcome and give a big shout out to my new friends Pixie, Mick from Everybody Goes To Mick's You gotta love the Casablanca. Kevin from Hollywood Forever, Kevin,  He has the most beautiful home go and check it out. You will be jealous.  Lime Vintage She has some great vintage finds.  Amber at I Heart Everything Go to her blog and you will see the coolest tiki bar arcade that anyone ever owned. Toronto Yardsale Snoop loves Pyrex, owls and all kinds awesome stuff. Someday I am making a roadtrip to Canada to check out all the places she finds her great bargains. Debbie at DebbieDoos. She also has a gorgeous house and some great eye for thrift. Finally, Reduce, Reuse and Rummage has a wonderful blog. I think she likes jewelry and owls just like me. " )
 Welcome and expect more posts since School's Out For Summer (yes I am singing Alice Cooper). Hahaha...

Happy Thrifting Everyone!


  1. Oh thanks so much for the shout out! I may have the only Tiki-Bar Arcade that anyone has ever owned, hahah! Thanks again, I hope you make it to the 100's !!

  2. Girl! You look great you greek goddess you! lol! You cracked me up about the meds part! Seriously though! Your outfit rocks! I'm so glad you found me!

    ~Jennifer~junk lover of all kinds!
    Happy new follower!

  3. I had to laugh at the Greek goddess comment but your husband being on meds. You do look great in this outfit!