Sunday, April 11, 2010


Here is an update on the mark on the white and turquoise bowl. It is not Fire King. I was made by the Federal Glass Company. I can't find a duplicate anywhere on the internet so I really don't know more than who made it. Bummer!

But on a higher note, I would like say welcome to all five of my followers. It started with Thrifted Treasure and Andy Quirks. Now I have three more followers RetroModGirl, Las Vegas A to Z and my newest follower 1950's Atomic Ranch House. Go check out their awesome blogs. I do and I enjoy them all.

Happy Thrifting Everyone!


  1. You are sweet!

    I will keep an eye on your blog, and then feature it very soon. That will help get you more followers and viewers!

    I remember it was a loooong time before I got followers much less comments on mine. But the more vintage photos you post, the more folks want to check your blog out! Pictures, and lots of them, help a lot. I pull ideas for posts off the internet quite a bit.

  2. Thanks for the advice. I will be able to give a bit more time as soon as school is out. I will have the whole summer to go and get crazy with thrift. : )