Sunday, January 10, 2010

Last Weekend's Finds

Last weekend, I went to the thrift stores to see what I could find. I went to my favorite store, The RAD thrift store because I always know that I will find a good bargain. I was not to be disappointed this time either.

I spent all of $5 at this store. I got 3 sweaters, a skirt and a pretty ceramic tray with a rooster on it.

After the RAD Thrift Store, I headed to The Salvation Army. They were having a really good sidewalk sale and they had a pair of blue boots that I had to have (my shoe obsession again) and they also had an old and cute typewriter table on sale. Unfortunately to get the deal, you had to have cash. I don't carry cash. Dumb, I know. I still bought the boots though. I just paid the regular price of $4.
While there, I found another piece of Pyrex.

I kind of got excited. I had never seen this pattern before so I knew I had to have it. I was a bit put off by the $9 price tag but I figured I better snatch it up because I might not find it again. When I took it to the register, the clerk informed me that it was half off. Cha ching!!!!!! $4.50 sounded good to me. I left with my Pyrex divided dish, blue boots and a VHS copy of Fantasia 2000 that had never been opened.

When I got home, I researched to find out what I had found. It is called Barbwire pattern. It was a promotional item from 1958. It originally came with a clear lid and a rack. Exciting!!!!

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