Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Big Win, Day 4

For our final day of thrifting in Vegas we headed to the area around Sunset Station. We dropped hubby off at Sunset Station for a little keno and the boy and I headed off to find treasures.

Savers on Warm Springs - This time I was looking for clothes. I tried on a few dresses and a few tops. I found a dress from Apt 9 and a shirt from Lane Bryant. I wanted a pair of boots from Payless that they had but once again, they charged way more than you get them for in the store.  Arghh.....

Salvation Army on Stephanie - The boy and I looked around but we really didn't find anything we liked or needed.

Goodwill on Warm Springs - There were a lot of treasures at this store. I found a belt, a pair of shoes (shocker!!!), pair of new black tights and a pair of khaki pants (new with tags).

Goodwill on Eastern - After we picked up the hubby, we headed over to the Goodwill on Eastern. I found a cute black dress and a pair of linen Lane Bryant pants.

I had a really good time in Vegas. I am looking forward to going back at Easter break.

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