Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Big Win, Day 3

Well we moved back to The Gold Coast and it was time to hit those stores that we missed on our Sunday debacle.

Salvation Army on Durango - This store was a long ways out. We were almost next to the mountains (it was a pretty view though). Our goal for today was to find the boy a hooded sweatshirt. But first, I was attracted to what else; shoes! I found a really cute pair of Steve Madden wedges (in a cute polkadot pattern) and a pair of gold wedges. I can't wait for spring. I also found 2 more shrimp forks. They don't match the other group but I like them anyways. I almost bought a buttery pair of boots. I can't remember the maker. But I was being kept on a budget {Thank You Hubby!!! :(  } so I had to leave them there.

Salvation Army on Charleston - I have shopped at this store before back when my sister lived in Vegas. One can be a bit put off by this store because it is just a tad dingy and a little worn out looking. But sometimes if you look hard enough you can find a diamond in the rough.  I found a little treasure that made me smile. I love Snoopy and I collect Snoopy and Peanuts Hallmark ornaments. While there, I found a box that had a Snoop Hallmark ornament and it was marked $1. I also found a Snoopy Valentines resin figurine for 50 cents. It turned out that Christmas stuff was 75% off so I got the ornament for 25 cents. I was in for one more surprise when I got to the car. In my excitement about finding a Snoopy ornament, I didn't look inside the box in the store. When I got to the car, I opened the box to find not one but THREE Snoopy ornaments. I was excited and a little bit guilty. But I figure someone had to know what was in that box. I will chalk it up to the thrift gods smiling on me.

Savers on Rancho - This is another store that I had been in many moons ago with my sister. In fact, she used to live right around the corner from it. My son and I found a few things here.  I found 2 Pyrex pieces. He found his hooded sweatshirt. One of the pieces of Pyrex didn't have a price tag on it. This usually means that it was at one time a ridiculous price and someone tried to pull a fast one but didn't succeed. I took it to the counter and the very nice lady at the counter gave it to me for the price of the other bowl which was an additional 50% off. What!?! I got two Pyrex bowls for $4. Sweet!!!!

Salvation Army on Yale - I had been to this Salvation Army before but I had forgotten that it was in the hood. After taking a wrong turn, I finally found the store. I didn't find too much here. I bought a Pyrex lid that I thought would fit the bowl that I bought earlier at Savers. It didn't it was too big. :(

Salvation Army on Lamb - We were screeching into the parking lot right before it closed. I forgot to mention that it was Christmas Eve. The only thing that I found was a cute pair of brown boots.

Savers on Spring Mountain - This was the last stop for us weary shoppers. I tried on a few dresses but nothing tickled my fancy. The boy found a controller for his Playstation 2. I also found another Pyrex lid but onc again it was too big. Grrr.....

The loot from Day 3:

The lids aren't shown. I gave them to my mom to see if they fit on her Pyrex bowls.

The Big Win, Day 4 to be continued....

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