Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Big Win, Day 2

Day 2 of our whirlwind thrifting extravaganza got underway. This time, we stayed on the east side of town near Boulder Hwy and Sam's Town Casino (that was where we were staying).

Deseret on Flamingo - My son and I looked around. Not much caught our eye. I did find a really cute pair of black peep toe pumps with cute little bows. I am definitely going to wear these on the cruise in March.

Goodwill on Tropicana - Normally, I can find something I like in this store. This time not so much. I did have a pair of yellow flats from Target that I carried around for a minute but I figured if I really needed them, I would find them again. The boy and I left without buying a thing.

Savers on Tropicana - At this store, we hit gold. I found a Pyrex mixing bowl in the Square Flower pattern (verde). My son found an audio/visual box to hook up all his games systems to plus a cord that goes with it. I really am not sure what it all does but my little Poindexter does. : )

Salvation Army on Boulder Hwy - The first thing that caught my eye was a sign that said "Shoes $1". If you haven't figured it out yet, I love shoes. Unfortunately after spending a good amount of time looking through their selection, I didn't find any that I either liked or that would fit my Fred Flintstone feet. Sigh..... My son on the other hand made out like a bandit. He found an Uno game that had two decks in it. He also found Battleship. I found a Spirograph set. I figure that I can take it to school for my students to play with. I also found another denim skirt from H&M and a skort from Walmart.

Overall, it wasn't our finest day of thrifting. But it was fun nonetheless.

The loot from day 2:

The Big Win, Day 3,  to be continued..........

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