Friday, January 1, 2010

The Big Win, Day 1

I am back from Vegas. I had an awesome time. I am already looking forward to Easter break (First week in April. Hurry!!! Hurry!!! Hurry!!!.....).

While I was there, I put my plan in action to visit as many of the thrift stores that I had Googled on my list. With a city map, my computer and a list of addresses, I mapped out my route for the 12 days that we were going to be there. I didn't go thrifting everyday. I am not Super Woman ya know. I had to have days to relax and hit the bingo parlor and play keno. :)

My first day of thrifting was on the the 20th. I had 4 stores on the list that were near the casino in which we were staying. My son and I loaded up the car and headed out with great hope.

The problem with being on vacation, is the fact that you lose track of what day it is. This happened to me. The 20th was a Sunday. The Salvation Army is closed on Sundays. 3 of the 4 shops on my list were Salvation Army stores. In the words of the great Wile E. Coyote, "I am a Supergenius". Haha!!! I made the best of a bad situation. I changed our plan to hit some stores that I knew would be open and get my thriftng in for the day.

Goodwill on Sahara - I had never been there before and I really liked it. Their prices were decent. Shoes prices were awesome. Most shoes were a 1.99 a pair. What????? I know!!!!! Their knick knacks were priced low too. I purchased 2 pair of shoes, a tea diffuser, a cake plate and a Old Navy skirt for .99 cents. I also received a 25% discount for being a teacher. Sweet!!! This is definitely a store that I will go to again.

Savers on Charleston - I have a love/hate relationship with Savers. I really like the stuff that they get in their store but at times I get seriously irritated with their prices. I know that the money goes to a good cause but when I can go to the store and buy the same thing, brand new, for less, this tells me that someone needs to look at their pricing policy. That is all I am saying. Despite the ridiculous pricing on some items (the tripod I wanted comes to mind), the boy and I were able to find a few things.

The boy has become obsessed of late with board games. He found a Free Parking game (based on Monopoly) and a set of playing card holders. I was able to find a matching set of shrimp forks and tea spoons. They kind of had a tiki vibe to them. I also found a pair of black boots that didn't break the bank. Yes!!!

After we got done at Savers, we were tired and hungry so we decided to go back to the room and hit the stores that we missed in a couple of days.

Here is the loot from day 1:

The Big Win Day 2, to be continued.....

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