Monday, April 19, 2010

More Vegas Finds

I finally have time to finish sharing my last trip to Vegas and some of the lovely things that I found.
Glass Bowl $1.99

I love these little press glass bowls. When I find one, I always imagine them being used for Thanksgiving dinner. I could see it filled with black olives (our family loves olives) sitting on a buffet.

It has a diamond shaped bowl. It makes me feel all fancy without all that bothersome sticker shock.

5 saucers $1.49; 4 dessert plates $1.49

I found saucers and dessert plates to match my cups and cream and sugar set I bought a little ways back. It is perfect because I have 5 cups and I found 5 saucers. What are the chances?

Creamer $2.99

I loved the delicate trees on the front and back of this creamer. It is from the Misty Isle Collection by Noritake. I am pretty sure it is not that old but it doesn't matter because I like it.

Eiffel Tower $1.99

This little beauty shall join my collection. I think it will end up on top of my armoire with another tower that I have there. Did I mention that I have a collection of 30+ towers? No, well I do. : )

Creamer and Sugar Bowl $2.99 each

I really don't know who made these but I thought the color was pretty. It is hard to see in the picture but it is brown with a light green glaze over the top. There was a set of cups and saucers that went with it but I really didn't have room for them and they were a tad expensive. I had guilt for a minute that I was splitting up the family but I soon got over it. I guess I am just a little homewrecker.

Book $2.99
I love to mix cocktails and after this school year I will definitely be trying some of these recipes. Heck, I may have to have one tonight. Is it summer yet?

I have spied a few new shops here in town. When I get time, I am going to go and investigate.

Happy Thrifting Everyone!!!

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