Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dressing on a Dime

Once upon a time, ok well it was really 3 months or so ago, I started a blog called Dressing on a Dime. The theory was that I was only going to buy only thrift for my fashion needs for the year 2010 and I would chronical this journey through daily pictures of my outfits.

I started out with a head of steam. I made sure that everyday I had my husband, son, co-workers take my picture so that I could post. I was faithful for a time. Then after a rather stressful day at work, I would come home and forget to take the daily picture and change my clothes. I would try the next day to make up for missing the pic but it is not the same as the day of. Then if tired, I would just skip the picture all together.

Here is an example of the day after. Not pretty!

The final straw that broke this camel's back was that I felt that no one was looking. If no one was paying attention, what was the point? So I quit posting on Dressing on a Dime and concentrated on this blog.

What a nimrod am I? Recently, I got a wild hair to go and see if anyone had said anything or if there was any life. Lo and behold, I had two followers. What!?!?! I know. And these followers actually left comments. Exciting! I felt guilty that I had abandoned it so quickly. But as time is a premium, I know that I did the right thing by focusing here.

Then as if a ray of sunshine came down from the sky and shined on me, I had an a brilliant idea. Why not combine my love of fashion and my love of thrift? I could post my outfits here and share with you all my thriftiness in the realm of fashion. So with all that being said, once a week I will do a round up of my noteworthy outfits. 

Even though I let my fashion blog go to seed, I still have kept my challenge of a thrift only wardrobe for 2010 alive. I am excited to share and see what treasures I can unearth for this fat and sassy girl (ok old lady geesh!!!) Happy Thrifting Everyone!!!


  1. Good for you! I buy all my clothes the trifty way and have a wardrobe full of beautiful things! (that leopard print jumper is gorgeous, btw!)

  2. You blog #1 for yourself first, otherwise it gets to be a chore!

    It took me a looong time to pick up followers much less comments. I still think my own blog posts are sometimes booooring ha ha, but I try to post SOMEthing every day. I've seen others post about the same thing and get tons of comments. Go figure.

    Also ask questions of your viewers, that helps. Give them something to relate to and comment on, based on their own experience.

    Last, don't take it personally if folks don't always comment. It does NOT mean they are not reading. I often read blogs at 3-4 a.m. and can't think of anything smart to say at that hour!

  3. Can I be your ninth follower? lol =D
    I love buying clothes at thrify & pretty much everything else.

  4. Yaay! I'll look forward to seeing your weekly fashion posts. You're right to combine the 2 blogs, I would imagine keeping up 2 blogs would be hard! And it can take ages to amass followers, but when they come along they usually go right back through your blog to read the early posts too :-)