Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Thrifting Roundup

I have been out scouring the stores and getting some cute stuff and I haven't had time to show what I have gotten. So here is my thrifting round up for the last couple of weeks.


I got three different Pyrex bowls. I am happy with the first two since they go with some other bowls that I have found but I am having buyer's remorse for the brown bowl. In my excitement to purchase a piece of Pyrex, I did not notice that it had a chip in the side and that there are some scratches on the lip. Also, it was taped up with packing tape which I have to try and get off without removing the gold on it. Goodwill uses packing tape on everything. Why???

I have learned several important lessons. First, put my excitement to the side and check the piece out very carefully. It makes no sense to get all excited and pay money for something that is not worth two cents. Secondly, I have decided that if I do not love it, don't buy it. I am not so keen on the colonial,  farmy motif of the brown dish. The flowers, yes. The corn and bellows, um no.


Our local Goodwill has a whole store devoted to books and movies. I found these really cute little Betty Crocker cookbooks from the late 50's/early 60's. I think I paid 25 cents a piece. Score!

I just love them.
I love the illustrations.
This would so be my husband. Haha...
I don't think you would see a youth wearing a suit and tie to a party nowadays or girls wearing aprons.
Boy, the times have changed.

I have more things that I need to share. As soon as I get some pictures and time (yeah right), I will share my treasures. Happy thrifting!


  1. I LOVE the top bowl, such a gorgeous blue and pattern. I know what you mean about having to step away from something unless you love it, I was starting to buy any pyrex I saw and made the decision to only buy it if I absolutely LOVE it, so in the last week I haven't bought a set of 3 brown patterned mixing bowls, several casseroles and a divided dish I saw on various outings!

  2. Me too. I have seen several brown dishes with the wheat pattern and the orange ombre coloring and I just walked away. I really wanted to like them but I couldn't bring myself to do it. This just means that since we are being good and walking away, we will find our treasure at the end of the rainbow. Thrift karma. : )

  3. try soaking the tape off. may take a few days, but it beats ripping it off.