Monday, February 22, 2010

Give A Hoot

I love birds! Last year, I had a Christmas tree that was devoted to birds. When I see birds outside, I stop to see what they are doing or listen to them chirp. I love birds! This is why I am so happy that owls are making a comeback in the world of collecting and design.

Here are two of my recent purchases that I adore.

$1.99 each
I got these two at the Goodwill in Laughlin, Nevada. The first time I went to this store, I had these two in my basket but I decided that they were too pricey and I really didn't need them. I put them back.  Fast forward to a month later and the same store and lo and behold, they are still there with a lower price tag. The three of us were meant to be together so I made the purchase and brought them home to California.

$8.00 for the set
I got this set at our local Goodwill. I definitely paid too much but I really wanted them. So much for my theory of waiting for a better deal.

Both sets are going to get a makeover. I want to paint them silver and do a wash of black stain over it. The eyes need a makeover too.

I have more to share so stay tuned.
Happy Thifting!!!


  1. Cute finds! Owls seem to be really popular so if you find some you like you're right to snap them up or risk somebody else getting them!

  2. I did stand in Goodwill and hem and haw about those owls for a while. In the end, I am glad that I bought them.

  3. Owls are like the easiest thing to start a collection on...they are everywhere! I bet all of us knowingly or not have a collection of owl stuff. I really like those bookends!

  4. Cool book ends!

    I saw a great owl bookend (this would have been my first owl purchase) for $7.99.. but it was missing it's twin, so I passed it up.