Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Here are some more recent purchases.

Table $10
Locker Rack $1.99
White Plastic Bucket $1.49
The electronic dohickey that changes which game he is playing $9.99

This is a little table that I bought for my son so he could organize all of his games and chargers and stuff. As you can see, he is a totally deprived child. Haha...Before, he had everything strewn across the floor and everyday I would trip on or hit my toe with one of his electronics. I found this little table at the Goodwill for $10. It has a heart cut out on the sides but from the front you don't see it so it is ok. It has been so nice not to stub my toe everyday.

$7 each

I love these chairs. I seen them in Goodwill and then I saw the price and I said they are mine. I am not sure if I want to paint them or if I want to just sand them and revarnish them. One chair has some graffiti carved into it so I have to see if it will sand out. I think that I am going to use them in my computer room makeover that will happen someday. Hopefully, someday soon!

I also bought a toy chest. It looks homemade. It is painted a hideous primary blue so it is going to get a nice coat of paint once the weather calms down. I am going to place it near the front door so it can store my Emelda Marcos-like shoe collection.

I hope everyone is having as much thrifting luck as I have had lately.
Happy Thrifting Everyone!!!!


  1. Hi Leslie!

    thank for dropping by my blog! Those chairs are just AWESOME! Have you decided to paint or not to paint?

  2. I think I am gonna leave them au naturale. I just got to make sure the carvings that some "genius" did will sand out. I am waiting for the weather to get better before I experiment. Hurry up Spring!!!

  3. Those chairs are flippin' awesome! I'm glad you are leaving them as is. They're just great.