Wednesday, June 22, 2011

That Price Just Ain't Right. Just Ain't Right At All.

Tonight after taking my husband to the nerd holyland Best Buy, I made him take me to my promised land Goodwill. I really had high hopes that I would find something way cool and easy on the budget seeing how we are broke educators trying to get through the lean, mean summer months. Well one out of two doesn't a successful thrift trip make. I found several pieces of Pyrex one of which was a Spring Blossom fridgie (w/o the lid thank you very much) but the exorbitant price of $8.95 seemed ridiculous. I carried it through the store but there was absolutely no way I could bring myself to pay that much for a tiny little dish.  I nearly cried when I put it back on the shelf.

I love you Goodwill. I truly do. I appreciate all that you do with the funds that you raise. I know that you have changed many lives. But..... I wish that someone, ANYONE would price the things in your store in a reasonable and consistent way. I could probably go tomorrow to another Goodwill or even to the same Goodwill and find the same item and it would be marked with $1.95. It is extremely frustrating. 

That is enough ranting for tonight. I am sure that my will power will pay off and I will find a complete set of Spring Blossom Fridgies (do you hear me Pyrex Gods?) for an extremely reasonable price. I'm crossing my fingers and toes. " )

Happy Thrifting Everyone!!!